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Welcome to Yarnsmith. If you haven't visited us before I hope you will be thrilled with what we have to offer - exquisite yarns from across the world coupled with exciting new products from closer to home. We have an array of inspirational patterns and a wide selection of knitting aids and accessories.



We also provide a sample request facitlity for knitting wool and knitting yarn. Simply send an e-mail to and we will do out best to send you a small sample of the yarn you're interested in. (Please note, the sample is primarily to give you an ideas of the "feel" rather than the precise colour - whilst we will do our best to send you the exact colour you're interested in we may not be able to everytime!)



Don't forget to register for the newsletter to receive details of all our new products and news and please  check out Yarnsmith's very own blog - knitting, family and lif.e. We'd  love to read your comments.



Enjoy our site, have fun with your creations and please let me know if you need any advice or assistance.



Becky Poynter